18 October 2014

Pumpkin Patch.

We took the girls to a pumpkin patch today. It was insanely hot. Like ridiculous. It should never be this hot in October. Ever.

So, we basically grabbed pumpkins, took pictures and left. Which was fine because there was nothing else there for us to do anyway.

I took tons more pictures on my camera. But, in true Lindsey fashion, I have yet to upload them on my computer. So you get an Instagram repeat. Oh wellsies. My girls are adorable either way.

We also ate at our new favorite Mexican place...Las Pinatas. So good. Al Pastor tacos. You're welcome.

And we stopped at the library, because obviously.

Then Adam and I got to go on a date tonight!! We rarely, if ever, get to go on dates anymore so when family comes to visit, we get away as much as we can when we have reliable and loving babysitters.

We went to see The Judge. I love me some RDJ, so clearly I had to see this movie. Then we went to a new sushi restaurant and it was delish. Finally...good sushi in Texas! Weird concept, I know. But it happened! We tried to go to one place downtown but it had a 45 minute wait so we put our name on the list and then left. Oops. Then, 8 minutes later we got a text saying our table was ready. Oops again since we were already at the other sushi place. HA!

And then I came home and went to sleep. Because tired. So very tired.

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