19 October 2014

Groceries, Redd's Ale and Kefir.

Today was grocery day. When there is another person in your house and you have no food, you must purchase the food. So we did. Oh yes we did.

We went to Sprouts which is, like, a super fun grocery store. Health store. I dunno. It's awesome. We got some amazing chicken sausages that I will be dreaming about tonight. Thankfully we are having them for dinner tomorrow. I can't wait for that! Serious. We got all kinds of delish fruits and veggies and some valencia oranges and creme fraiche and some kefir and chlorophyll liquid.

What is kefir, you ask? I have no idea. But I know people who drink it and it's good for you. Or something. So I'm trying it.

What is creme fraiche used for, you ask? I have no idea. But I've seen it on the Food Network a lot and I finally saw it in a store, so I bought it.

What is chlorophyll liquid, you ask? It's plant extract that you add to your water. Or something. I dunno. I'm just learning that this is a thing, but my mom asked a guy where it was and they had it so...I bought it.

I'm probably more excited about this stuff than I should be. But whatevs.

We finished our grocery shopping at Kroger and bought way too much stuff. And so many alcohols. They were giving out free samples! So we bought all the things. Redd's Ale? THE BOMB DOT COM.

And that was our day. Oh yeah. We ate lunch at Twisted Root Burger and it was awesome! I got a pretzel bun this time. Been there once before. Not a huge fan that time, but it was a'ight. This time? Pretzel bun changed my life. And ranch dressing. But also? In-N-Out is still better. Always will be.

The girls painted their pumpkins this morning! They woke up asking to do it, so it was first on our list before the all day grocery shenanigans we got ourselves into. Makayla painted a fairy on hers. She named her Felicity. Kalkidan painted a sky all over her pumpkin. Addison picked out two pumpkins yesterday and we let her, because baby status fo lyfe. So she painted her face (and her curl) on one and a huge face and short hair on the other. My girls are such good little artists. I love doing life with them every day.

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