20 October 2014

Addi Day!!

We had such a fun day today! Kiki had an extra day of school today and Makayla was at school all day. So it was just me, Nana and Addison all day!

We met Daddy for lunch and ate at our favorite Greek place, Terra. It's a buffet every day for lunch and it is SO GOOD. Then we had our favorite gelato spot, Paciugo. It's delish. We went to Target afterwards because Addi wanted to. When I get a day or time with just one of my girls, I want to make sure we do what THEY want to do. It's so fun for them and I feel like they really enjoy that one on one time. Or one on two time. :) Addi got a new little Ariel doll because I was feeling generous. HA!

Miss Makayla had ballet class and it was a substitute again. Maybe next week we'll be back on track again.

It was a busy day. I feel like it's always a busy day and then I write about it and it seems like we did nothing. But it was busy and tons of fun. I love my family. I love having my mom here and I know the girls love it, too!

My little cowgirl. She really loved having me, Adam and Nana all to herself today. She was glowing. I love her so much.

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