15 October 2014

Project Life.

I love capturing memories. I love creating things for my girls to get to see those memories as they grow.

When the girls were younger (and I had more time and less kids), I made photo books on Shutterfly. Actually, I recently made one because I had a coupon for a free one. So I made one for our trip to Disney World this past February.

In true third child fashion, Kalkidan doesn't have any photo books or scrapbooks. Life got insane when she came home. I went into a downward spiral of depression and am just now coming out on the other side of that. Another topic for another day, I suppose.

So, when I had my photography class with Casey last Saturday, she shared with me her Project Life book. It was so clean! So simple! So easy!

And ever since then, I've been reading blogs about other peoples' Project Life books and how to start one and the best ways to capture the memories and the easiest ways to do it. Project Life is meant to be easy. It's supposed to take the pain and suffering out of scrapbooking, yet still give you a way to make beautiful memories and have them forever in a photo book for your children and yourself.

You can journal. You can not journal. You can do only photos. You can do whatever you want! It's foolproof! And as Casey told me, the hardest part is printing your photos. So if I can get over my fear of printing pictures, then it should be super easy. And oh so beautiful!

Project Life stuff is totally on my Christmas list this year. I can't justify purchasing it before then even though I so badly want to. But Christmas is, like, five minutes away. So I'll wait. And keep honing my photography skillz while I'm waiting.

Check out Project Life and let me know what you think! How do you keep your memories? Do you scrapbook, journal or make photo books online? Or do you just let your photos sit? Because I am SO guilty of that!

*P.S. I am in no way affiliated with Project Life. I just think it is so beautiful.*

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