16 October 2014

My Girls.

My little girls ready for school on Tuesday. And my sweet big girl ready for school yesterday morning. Her pants were too short for her so she rolled them up. I can't get over how trendy she is!

They all have their own unique personalities and I LOVE that about them. I don't ever want my girls to fit in to some 'mold' that other people, their school or society puts on them. I want them to always be who they are. 

Addi is a hilarious little girl. She's such a little jokester, but you have to get to know her first. She doesn't act silly until she knows you're a safe person. When she started preschool, she would always cry and scream and not want to go to school and now she barely says goodbye to me! She LOVES school and is thriving so well. I adore her.

Kalkidan is so into music! Today we were jamming out to Katy Perry on the way to school and she was singing along to every word! She made some of them up, but she's got the groove. And don't stop her! When she's in her zone, she is at peace. I can see it on her face. Kiki and I have had a rocky relationship since she came home and maybe one day I will go into that later on this blog, but she is always the one that wants and needs to say bye to me before school. She ran out of her classroom down the hall one day to say bye to me. And today she told me she will miss me. Precious girl.

Makayla is a straight up genius. Everything comes so naturally to her. She loves to read and is a pro at reading chapter books. Library day at school is her all time favorite because she gets to get another book! Yesterday she started writing a story about Princess Aurora. It's not done yet, but there are going to be five parts to her story, all with pictures, of course. She loves drawing and has such a creative mind. She blows me away daily.

My girls are all unique and special and I want to foster that in them forever. Don't ever change, girls. Be you and don't apologize for it. The world needs more amazing people like you. And I am so thankful that I get to be your Mama.

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What sweet pictures!