11 October 2014

Photography and Blogging.

You guys, I had the BEST day today. I got to spend all day with Casey today learning about photography. Which turned in to learning about blogging better. And we talked motherhood and adoption. It was a day full of laughs and learning and fun and love. I mean, I can't even. It was just so amazing. My mind is still reeling and I am on cloud nine from just being known. Casey really went out of her way to just know and hear me. That's a gift and one very few people possess. So thank you, Casey. Today was just amazing.

I will slowly be sharing what I learned today on this bloggy blog. My blog will start to be more focused and, hey! It's not going to die like I thought at the beginning of this year! I let other peoples' thoughts and ideas get inside my head and no. Just no. I'm not letting that happen anymore.

I will be taking some time to figure out what my goals are for this blog. What do I want to it to be? What do I want to highlight? Where do I want it to go in the future?

And learning about photography? Oh man. This girl gave me SO many tips and tricks today. Even how to take better pictures with my iPhone! I've already downloaded like a million new photography apps. I'm getting my passion back, y'all! And it's about time. I've spent the last two years wallowing in my own self pity and I'm just ready to get back to being me. And today really spurred a passion in me that I, somewhere along the way, let die. And it's coming back to life. And I am so thankful. So, so thankful.

Stay tuned for some fun new things coming to this space! I'm excited and you should be, too!

And a SUPER fun new tip that I learned from sweet Casey today...to message myself pictures to my computer! Talk about a freaking game changer, you guys!!! So now my blog will include photos again! Since I'm too lazy and annoyed to hook up my camera or iPhone to download the pictures for one blog post. Serious game changer. 

This is from the girls at a birthday party today. I'm sad I missed the party, but so glad my girls got to go have fun and celebrate Jacory! Happy Birthday, buddy!

Today was just all around awesome. Happy faces. Finding hope again. Being encouraged. I mean, really. I wasn't expecting all of this from a photography seminar, but that's what I got. And a new friend. Which is total bonus!

Happy Saturday, friends!

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Casey Chappell said...

This might be the sweetest post ever! Thanks friend for the kind words. Of course all evening I kept thinking of things that we didn't get to talk about... but of course that just means we must hang out again soon. I love your crazy little family already and can't wait to meet your little loves.

Thanks for being super cool today and verbally processing so much with me. You rock!!