10 October 2014


I've never done one of these posts before, so I'm a little excited. Just a glimpse into my morning and mind.

Making: This blog post. And I just finished making my coffee and bagel for breaky.

Cooking: Nothing.

Drinking: Donut Shop coffee with lots of pumpkin spice creamer.

Reading: The Ocean at the End of the Lane. It sucked me right in last night.

Wanting: To go to Target and get out of this house!!

Looking: At my new desk. I love it. It's kind of perfect.

Playing: Nothing at the moment. But I'm listening to the girls play with their Fisher Price baby house that was in the garage to sell. They wanted it back. So now they have it.

Wasting: Probably half my coffee. I'm weird like that.

Wishing: To be more content in life. And to care less about stuff I don't need to care about.

Enjoying: This bagel and coffee. SO yum.

Waiting: To go eat lunch with Makayla this afternoon. And to buy my new nightstands. And for my mom to freaking get here already.

Liking: My book I'm reading. I mean, seriously. I can't wait to finish it later today.

Wondering: Why people are so stupid.

Loving: That I brought my little lamp from my nightstand to my desk. It fits way better.

Hoping: That things will just work out.

Needing: New sleep bras. Random, I know. But I need them badly.

Smelling: My coffee.

Wearing: T-shirt and yoga pants. Because duh.

Noticing: Our neighbor's horrible yard. It's, like, super ugly and not well taken care of. And I'm not one to care what a yard looks like. But it looks awful. Also, all the pictures around me that still need to be hung on the walls.

Knowing: I WILL do Whole 30. Even if it kills me. I finally started reading about it last night! Aren't you proud?

Thinking: This is the hardest list to fill out. And the list of crap I need to get at Target today. And I have to go to the library. Always the library.

Feeling: Tired. Staying up after midnight is not for 30 year olds, y'all. But that book is sooooo good.

Giggling: I'm not, but Addison is. And that is way better than my giggling anyway.

So there you go. Not my best bloggy blog, but this is getting exhausting. Maybe I don't have enough stuff to write for 31 days in a row? Oh wellsies. I'm going to finish no matter what. I ain't no quitter.

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