05 April 2014


We had a crazy busy day today! We went furniture shopping for our new house!! We just went to get an idea of what we want for when our house is ready.

Adam let me sleep in because he is the best husband ever. So we got a later start but we headed out and found so many things that we love! I can't even wait to get back to buy some stuff!!

We went to Pei Wei for lunch and then headed to our house to see how it's coming along. Then we got to walk through another house that's exactly like ours but a bit further along. That was fun!

We went to Target to get some necessities and a poster board because Makayla is star of the week for this coming week! She's so excited!!

We ended our day with Rosa's Cafe for dinner at home and baths for everyone! :) I might have also tried my fist macaron today! Big news!! Haha!



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