06 April 2014


We had a pj breakfast again this morning! Makayla and Addison decided to be Anna and Elsa instead. :) Kalkidan wore her pjs this time and we headed to Cracker Barrel! So yum!!

It was a late breakfast for us so we came home and the girls watched tv and then all of us took a Sunday nap! So fun and refreshing.

It was a totally rainy and totally chill Sunday. Perfect. I don't want to start the week up tomorrow!! I did get two loads of laundry clean, dried, folded AND put away today so that's awesome and I'm totally proud of myself. Adam made us a delicious dinner of chicken Parmesan, noodles and veggies. It was amazeballs.

So there you have it! Our Sunday fun day. :) Oh! How could I forget this?! Makayla is star of the week for this week so we got to make her a cute little poster all about her. It was super fun! So we did that this morning while it was thundering and lightning outside. Perfect day.





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