04 April 2014


The girls and I had a typical boring day at home today. I try to make things fun for my girls while we are at home but lately I have been so exhausted and having a lot of back pain so they've just been doing their thing while I just try to feel better. Eventually I'll get to the doctor to find out what's wrong with me.

Adam was a watch dog at M's school today and she was so excited! That means he gets to hang out and make sure things are going okay during school. And he got to get Makayla out of the car this morning, which she totally loved!! :)

Adam did it for half of the day because of scheduling conflicts so then he came home and hung out with us. We went to CiCi's for dinner because Makayla has been wanting pizza for a while so we finally took her to get some! We were going to go look at furniture but we didn't have enough time and traffic was insane so we just came home instead.



They FaceTimed me during lunch, too!>

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