03 April 2014


The babies and I went to visit Adam for lunch today since we haven't done much this week and we haven't been able to see M for lunch because of testing. So we went to this Greek restaurant called Terra and it was AMAZING. I can't even tell you how great their food is. We will definitely be going back!!

After school, Makayla had her very first ballet class!!! She has been so excited about it!! I have loved listening to her talk about it and how she can't wait to go. It's contagious how excited to has been!

So we all went and met her teacher who is so totally sweet. She helped Makayla get her shoes laced right and welcomed her in to the class. So as couldn't stay in the room and watch but they have a video camera in the waiting room that we can watch so we stayed for the hour and watched her. She did so great!!!! It was amazing to see how well she did with her very first class!!!

When they were done, her teacher came out and said, "she is amazing! She needs to stay in my class forever! She did so great and she listened to everything I asked her to do. She did so wonderful and she is in the best class! She is so smart and follows directions so well!" It was so great for this mama heart to hear someone else rave about how fabulous my baby girl is. :)

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of her during her class since we couldn't stay inside and watch but I did get to do her hair in a ballet bun!!

When we got home, Adam bought her flowers. That might have been because she kept reminding us that we needed to get her flowers but either way, they are special. :) Then we were the audience while she performed everything she learned during class. It was awesome. She also taught Addison the moves and Addi was the 'little ballerina' and M was the 'big ballerina'. So stinking cute!!! I hope she continues to love it as much as she does now.




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