14 November 2013


So yeah. Today has been a totally weird day.

First of all, I got to start off my day collecting stool samples from our youngest two. So that was a grand ole time, ya know?

Then I got to take them to the doctors office. So I drove around with poop in my car. While in the doctors office waiting for them to take said poop from me, I texted Adam and said, 'I'm holding a large bag of poo. I feel like I should be hugging someone.' Which is in reference to a commercial from a few years ago. It would make sense if you saw the commercial but I can't find it and I didn't look very hard and I'm not going to. So inside joke and you're on the outside. Booyah.

After that fantastic treat was finished, I got to meet my friend Chelsey for lunch in downtown Fort Worth. That part was totally not weird and was, in fact, totally awesome. I always love getting to hang out with her...even if my kids are completely bananas! :)

So then I came home, got the girls down for their naps, and I saw a text message from Adam saying that Makayla fell at recess and she has a bump on her face. The nurse called him and I guess Makayla didn't say anything to her teacher and she was just crying. So her teacher asked her what's wrong and Makayla said, 'I just miss my mom'. I mean, how precious is that. I started bawling on the spot. It was so close to pick up time that I didn't get her early and the nurse said she was totally fine...kept an ice pack on it and then went back to class.

It looked pretty bad, but my girl is a champ. I love her so much.

And since I'm writing this on the following Tuesday I can tell you that it's a giant bruise on my girl's face now. :( She says it's still hurting her, which it definitely looks like it! But there's no damage to her eye or anything...just a giant bruise.

And back to last Thursday...(pretend like I wrote this then)

Something else weird happened today but I can't remember what. (Maybe because I'm writing this the following week? Meh.)

So I guess that's all for now. Peace, suckas.

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