19 November 2013

Our Week.

Last week was bananas. As you can see from my last post, we had a very eventful week. That doesn't happen often around here, but when it rains, it pours and all that.

I took every girl to the doctor last week for various poop related issues. It was so much fun. Except no.

Yesterday, I thought Addison had her 3 year well child check up (yeah, I know...she's almost 3 1/2. We were busy moving and switching insurance and stuff. Better late than never?) and turns out, it was today. So we went back this morning. She's amazing. She's tiny, but amazing. 28 pounds and 2 feet 11 1/2 inches. Love her sweet babyness. She always claims she's a big girl, but I don't believe her. She'll always be my baby!! :)

So last week was nuts with doctors office visits every single day. I'm not joking. Tuesday was Makayla. Wednesday was Addison. Thursday I took samples in. Friday was Kalkidan. So I didn't go last Monday. But I did go yesterday and today! I'm sort of over the doctor now. But the good thing is that this pediatrician is WAY thorough and she's taking this all very seriously. Our pediatricians in Ohio were not good. At all. The one we saw in California was amazing. He was so sweet and he adored the girls. I still miss our pediatrician from Cali, but I think this chick will be a great replacement.

Grocery shopping was yesterday. I tried out the Super Target here and very quickly found out that they have less than half the meat of our Kroger. But Kroger here has like the crappiest produce. Sooooo...I'm thinking I'll try Albertson's next week and see if we can get a win in both areas. I hate having to go to two stores. Just not mah thang. I'm a one stop shop kind of girl. So Super Target, I love that you have potatoes and onions when I need some pillows and clothes, but I'm gonna have to pass on getting all my groceries at you. It's been real.

Today was doctor and more Super Target shopping. And Addi's appointment first thing in the morning, obvi. We'll see what the rest of the week has planned.

I should probably unload all the pictures from my phone and camera onto my computer so I can post some on here. Maybe one day. So quick story...I got my new phone (an iPhone 5...welcome to the real world, Lindsey!) in late August/early September and I was so obsessed with Instagram that I did not take one photo with my real camera in September. Not. One. It was tragic. So for the month of October, I made it my goal to take at least one photo a day with my real camera. And I (almost) did it! I might have missed a couple days, but I have a lot more photos from October than I do September! And I'm so happy I took the time out to do that and not just capture crappy pictures on my iPhone.

So maybe one day y'all will get to see some of them. I wouldn't hold your breath.


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the Shipe's said...

so, I have to ask, what's up with the poop?! My kids are constantly pooping their pants (slight exaggeration, but you know it's POOP!), I need help! lol