10 October 2013

Texas Livin', Y'All!

Well, we made it to Texas!!

We just got here last night and I feel like I've already been put through the ringer by this state! But I'm not giving up that quick, Texas! You can't break me!

The girls and I were at an appointment for three hours today. It was exhausting to say the least. And two minutes after the doctor FINALLY comes in, Addison decides to push Kalkidan down. So Kiki is bawling her eyes out and then Addi starts crying. And to top that lovely moment off, Makayla starts yelling that it's too loud for her and everyone needs to be quiet. While I'm staring at this doctor I met just moments ago. It was fabulous and I just really hope that he looked at me with sympathy and I hope he gave me the benefit of the doubt that I am a good mom and my kids do love each other. Thankfully we moved on, though!

I got totally lost trying to find In-N-Out, which was 1.5 miles from the hospital. Leave it to me to get lost looking for something so close. Kalkidan spilled her milkshake all over our rental car, so I banned her from getting a milkshake for a while. I might have said she never gets one again in her life, but who's keeping track really?!

We came back to the hotel after that for naps. I had major plans to stop at Makayla's school, stop at our house to see Mittens and show the babies their rooms and stop at Super Target (I know, right?!) for some necessities, but yeah, naps became much more important after this morning's fiasco. I'm SO thankful for my amazing husband!! As soon as I started texting him about my morning, he told me he was coming to bring lunch to the hospital for me and girls. How sweet is he?! Then he stayed and helped out with them until we could get through the rest of the appointment. I guess it takes a while to get everyone set up at a new doctor?! Who knew?

The girls all napped today and it was fantastic! I had a nice little break and got to just surf the internet and not think about Texas traffic and construction and how my GPS got me lost at every turn. I totally blame the GPS and this state.

Yesterday the girls got through flying, and getting their worlds turned upside down, so beautifully!! They were great little travelers!! We stayed the night on Tuesday night in Cleveland and flew out Wednesday afternoon. The girls all got new dolls for being so good during our whole move and they all loved them! It was so fun to see their sweet faces light up with excitement!! So yeah, we had an uneventful flight. The girls watched movies. Mittens hung out in his cage. All our bags came to Texas. It was great!

Everyone was pretty exhausted by the time we actually got to Texas, though. So thankfully they all went right to sleep once we got settled into the hotel. They slept in the same bed two nights in a row and had no problems! My girls are amazing. :)

Makayla decided tonight that she wants to sleep on the couch in our super rad suite that has two separate bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Mittens is chillin' at our new rental house and loving it. We went to visit him today after naps and to get my new life planner that I am so stoked about! Erin Condren is the way to go for a life planner if you're looking! I'll give you more details on that later.

For now, I'm heading to bed. Gotta get up bright and early to take Makayla to her first day of Kindergarten in Texas tomorrow! And it's picture retake day! She's a little excited. I love my girl and her love for adventure.

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