11 October 2013

Texas: Day Two.

Well, me and Texas still aren't best friends just yet. Our relationship must really need time to grow or something because this state is kicking my butt! The Crocketts will prevail, Texas! We will!

Today Makayla went to her first day of Kindergarten here in Texas! She was way excited to start and it's make up picture day, so this is her last chance to be in the yearbook! In keeping with the trend of yesterday and all the driving and waiting we did, that's pretty much all we did today, as well. We drove 5 million hours to her school...and then we waited for someone to take us to her class. I almost started crying while the teacher was talking to me. I don't know why I'm so emotional about this stuff! Makayla always does amazing and has never had an issue with any sort of school stuff. She always seems to know what to do and where to go and gets along just fine. I just remember my days of school and being SO nervous on the first day every year, like not knowing what to do or where to go or whatever. Obviously my child is not me. :)

Also, I forgot to pack Makayla a lunch because I am awesome. Except no. So I had to run to Super Target which, you guessed it, was at least 20 minutes away. One way. So that was an adventure. We picked up some other things while we were there for the house, too. While all this was happening, Adam was setting up for a maid to come clean our house since it's kinda busted right now with cobwebs and dust everywhere. He told me they'd be there at 10:30 so I couldn't eat lunch with M like I had planned, since they eat lunch at 10:35. Way early, I know. Reminds me of my Air Force days in ISO. :) So we dropped her lunch off and then headed over to the house, which is supposed to be like 1 mile from the school. It still somehow takes 10 minutes to get there. I don't understand this state.

We got to the house at 10 and I put some stuff away and the babies played with Mittens and then we waited. And waited. And waited. It was 11:30 and nobody was there. So I texted Adam and told him I was taking the girls to In-N-Out because the maid said she was still 20 minutes away. UGH. So then I'm gone for way too long because In-N-Out is at least 30 minutes from our house, one direction. So then I am 5 minutes away from the house at 12:30 and Adam tells me they just left our house. Didn't clean it because I wasn't there to let them in. So then he told them to come back and I went back. I told him I would wait 5 more minutes and then I was out. Well they weren't there, so I left. And our house is still not clean.

Now the babies are napping in the hotel and I'm going to have to wake them up soon to head back to school to get Makayla! This day has been just as nuts as yesterday. Maybe if I stop going to In-N-Out I can get something else done during my day? I dunno...

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Janet said...

Glad to read about everything that is going on! :) I've missed your posts. Love you very much.