12 October 2013

Day Three: Crockett WIN!

Day three in this giant state and the Crocketts finally have a WIN under our belts against Texas! It won't always be me against Texas, but it's been feeling like that ever since we got here. We actually only have a tiny little win because the beginning of the day was a bust here, too.

Adam went to the house to let the new maids in, then test drove a car and brought Makayla back to the hotel. Then he had to go back to the house for the fridge to get delivered since I guess it's normal for rentals in Texas to not have refrigerators left in the house? Whatevs. So he got there at 1:30 and they said they'd be there at 1. They didn't show up until 3. I'm beginning to think Texas has its own time zone. We'll get used to everyone around here being two hours late. Sounds like Ethiopia to me! :)

After that, we headed to Dora the Explorer LIVE in downtown Fort Worth!!! We didn't tell the girls before we went that that's where we were going. We told them all day that we had a big surprise for them and they were already excited, but had no idea! It was SO fun to see how excited they were. They didn't even know what we were doing until someone gave them the programs and then they were all stoked! My girls LOVE Dora! It was a super cute play and it was so precious to watch Makayla shout out the answers to the questions Dora asked and to sing along to all the songs. She was SO into it! Kiki and Addi hung out in mine and Adam's laps, but I think they enjoyed themselves, too.

We also ate tacos for lunch and dinner. When in Texas... ;) I'm kind of a taco lover so it was all good with me.

That was our big win on day three! It's about time!! We will own you, Texas! We will own you....

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