01 October 2013

October 1st.

Well, I guess I kinda fell off the blogging bandwagon there again! I keep doing that!

I thought that October 1st seemed like a fitting time to start up on the blogging train again! So here we go!!

We are moving to Texas, y'all!!!! I know, can you believe it?! It's been an insane whirlwind of life just flying by around here lately. Our summer went entirely too fast and I clearly haven't even written about any of that!

Here's a quick recap:

June-Makayla went to VBS at our church and she LOVED it! The week after that, we headed to Topsail Island, North Carolina with Adam's mom, brother and sister for a week and we all loved that! Adam went to Texas at the beginning of the month, which is what started us thinking about moving there in the first place! We had lots of visits with Nana (my mom), going to the park and out to eat and stuff. Feta (my dad) came for a visit, too! Addison turned 3 years old June 23rd and we had a party for her on the 29th. It was so much fun! June was obviously a busy month and totally flew by!

July-We had some friends over for fireworks on the 3rd and it was Addi and Kiki's first time getting to see the fireworks! They sorta loved it. It was way loud and super late, so Addi wasn't feelin' it, but she wanted to stay up for it anyway! We went to the movies with Nana and then Makayla had Safety Town for a week. She loved that! She learned all about poison control, gun safety and how to properly walk across the street, etc. It was sooo good for her and I can't wait to get the little girls in it when their time comes!

August-Adam's dad, stepmom and two sisters came for a visit and then Aunt Jessi got to stay with us for a week! The girls loved having her here to visit! Me, Jessi and Katie all got tattoos while they were here, too. I got my sweet little owl on my wrist to cover up my Africa. Clearly I am not good at making permanent decisions? Adam went to Texas for two different interviews and it was an insane whirlwind of him not being here and me single parenting it. It was a rough month. We had a couple playdates with friends, which the girls always love! It breaks up the monotony of the every day. I was also asked to be a bridesmaid in my good friend, Ashley's, wedding! Which is this Saturday, the 5th!! Makayla stayed the night with Nana once AND she had her very first day of Kindergarten on the 21st!! I hosted Ashley's bridal shower at my party and Adam was in the UK for two weeks for the job he left here in Ohio.

Whew! I feel all caught up now. I told you our summer was bananas!! It was fun though and it's always nice to keep the girls busy so they don't get bored. We don't do much during the day to day, so it's nice to have those random moments of awesomeness through the months!

So we can't forget about September! My dad came for a visit, Adam got home from the UK...just in time for us to head to Texas for a house hunting trip and for him to start work at his new job on the 16th! He's been there ever since and I've been single parenting it ever since (with MUCHO help from my amazing mother who I am going to miss TERRIBLY when we move to Texas!!!). We had Ashley's bachelorette party last weekend and it was AMAZING. I had the time of my life and I'm going to miss all my crazy girls! I can't even think about leaving. Ugh.

I think that's got us up to October 1st. So here we are...the last week in our house in Ohio. The realtor came yesterday morning to take photos of the house and she listed our house today. It's getting real...we are actually moving to Texas!! Adam comes home this weekend, I'm in Ashley's wedding this weekend, and then next week, the movers are coming and packing up all of our stuff!! We leave here for good on October 9th. I'm getting really excited, but really nervous at the same time. We've got one friend out there, which I am so thankful for, but we will essentially be starting over. It's definitely exciting, but also super scary! It's hard making new friends, especially the older you get. But I know we will because we are crazy awesome and people love us! (See how optimistic I am?!)

So yeah. I've been wrapping things up around here...canceling doctor and dentist appointments, going through all of our stuff and finding things I can get rid of and trying to spend as much time with family and friends as possible. But really, we just try not to think about it. I've told the girls a couple times that Nana isn't going to be 20 minutes away and I *think* they understand, but who knows really? I guess we'll find out when we get to Texas! But at least for the first couple weeks they will have the fun of living in a hotel. That's always awesome for a kid and our girls LOVE them some hotel time!!

I'm going to start writing more regularly on here! I feel like I have so much to say and then I never do. This is my space and I want to write here. I've missed blogging!

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Sarabeth said...

Lots going on!! Good luck with your move to TX, crazy times! I hope to stay connected with you and your family even though we will be many miles away now.