20 June 2013

Topsail Island.

We have spent the last week in Topsail Island, North Carolina and we have had a blast!!!

I've caught many of our adventures in photos, but didn't take any video. I'm kicking myself for that and my insane guilt always steps in. I want my girls to have so many memories to look back on when they are older.

So since I didn't take any videos, I'm going to share how my girls loved (and not so much loved) the beach this week!!

Every morning the girls would be up at 6:30 asking if they could put their bathing suits on and when we were going to the beach. :) We slathered them all up and thank God none of them got burnt! Sadly for me, I got burnt on Sunday and had to stay out of the sun on Monday and Tuesday. Monday I could hardly walk from the bed to the bathroom. It was a rough day, but my girls got to enjoy themselves and that's the most important thing. That's probably a lot of why I don't have as much documented. I'm the only one that wants to preserve the memories to last forever in film. :)

Makayla had a BLAST in the water! She had Grandma and Daddy each hold a hand and she would jump the waves! She loved it!!! She is my little beach bum. She dug into that sand with no fear or worry...like she's been doing it all her life. She has NO fear of the water and I am SO thankful for that! She's cautious, but definitely not afraid. She wanted to get in that water as soon as she could. She keeps telling me she already knows how to swim, but Grandma was teaching her a bit in the water! Definitely something we need to work on this summer.

The first day we were here, Makayla was digging for treasure. Then she made three little x's and we had to jump over them. It was so fun!

Adam made the girls little lakes today that they could play in and a couple days the ocean did it on the shore so the girls got to play around and dig up the sand in there. They loved it!

Kalkidan was all about the sand on the first day. She was covered from head to toe in the stuff!! She dug it up, threw it around and just got it everywhere! She didn't like the water very much at first, but then she warmed up to it over the next few days. Her little teeth chattered every day...she's got African blood!

Addison hated the beach. Hated it. The first day she was okay with it...if we held her and she didn't have to walk on the sand. Then she sat on a towel and if she had any speck of sand on her, she would scream and scream until we got it off. The second time we went out on Sunday, she actually dug in the sand with her hands instead of a shovel! She hated the water, though. I was sitting in the ocean with the babies for a little bit and Addi wanted nothing to do with it. She wouldn't let go of me at all...she wouldn't even stand in the water where it's just coming up on shore! It was nuts. The last couple days Grandma has taken her for walks on the shore and Addi has actually walked on the sand! She even went into the ocean with Grandma today and she didn't freak out about it!! But the moment she saw me, she started crying again. She doesn't fool me...I saw how big she is! :)

So, Addi has come a long way. I think Makayla wants to live her. And Kalkidan would hang out in the sand all day long if we let her.

Today Makayla and Addi took their little mermaids that Grandma got them out to the beach. They were making them swim in the little lakes that Adam made for the girls. Makayla dug up a little spot and then put her mermaid under it and said that she didn't want her to get burned. :) Addi actually sat in her little lake...in the water! I just kept telling her it's just like the bath because she loves her baths!

My girls are so precious and even though I missed out on two days at the beach with them, I know they created some awesome memories and got to have some pretty sweet adventures. It was pretty awesome for me to get to play in the sand, too. I didn't get to do stuff like that as a kid, so it was really fun to build sandcastles and cover my feet with sand. :)

We just might have to make the beach an annual thing with our sweet little chickens.

Pictures coming soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

Aww, sounds like fun! We go to Topsail often, as we are only about 25 minutes from there in Jacksonville, NC! Been following your blog for a while now and even bought a shirt from your fundraiser a while back. Enjoy your vacation! PS - Make sure you visit the old skating rink and pizza place at the end of the island, they are great!

Karen from findingbabyclayton.blogspot.com