11 June 2013

Our May.

May is always a crazy month around here for us. We have so many celebrations that life just gets crazy, fast!

At the beginning of the month, Adam and I both turned 29! Woo!! A few days later, we celebrated 8 lovely years of being married!! We've had our share of ups and downs, but one thing is for certain...I would never want to do this crazy life with anyone else!!!

Adam was in California for his birthday so we didn't get to celebrate this year, but we pretty much always have a party in our house, so it's all good! :)

My birthday! Addi didn't want to be in the picture and Kalkidan makes this face every time we tell her to smile.
Also? I am awesome.
Making bracelets! Love my peanut.
Sweet girl.
Love my beauty.
The girls and I had a fun weekend alone and even ventured out to Target with me being the solo parent! That's a huge feat with three kids 5 and under!!

We played with Play-Doh, played school, colored with chalk, played outside. It was awesome. Once Adam came home from California, I got another tattoo! It was my birthday and anny present and I love it!!!

Next up came Mother's Day!! My husband knows how to treat me and what I like. :) Adam and the girls brought me breakfast in bed and gave me my gifts, too! Then I came downstairs to actually eat my breaky. ;) I got to sleep in, too! We went to church, ate Chipotle for lunch, I got to catch up on my shows during nap time and didn't change a single diaper or take anyone potty! It was a blessed day!! Adam and Makayla made me dessert and Adam made an AMAZING bacon wrapped filet mignon and asparagus dinner. It was fabulous! Then we wrapped up the night with some Kitchen Nightmares. It was an amazing day and I felt so loved. I am beyond blessed to be these girls' Mama.
Mother's Day with the ones I am so blessed to spend every day with! (And a little glimpse of my new tattoo!)
On May 15th, our sweet oldest daughter graduated from preschool!!! It was such an exciting night! Makayla was beside herself with getting to graduate!! It was an awesome little ceremony with songs and her walking across the stage to get her graduation certificate. It might be a little much to have so many graduations for kids, but it was beyond cute.
SO proud of my big girl!!
Our awesome family of five.
I'm totally making her do this at her high school graduation. :)
Walking to get her diploma!!
Makayla had her last day of preschool a few days later. It's crazy she'll be starting Kindergarten in August!! I can't believe we are here already!!
First day of preschool!
Last day of preschool!
        We did some fun painting, more Play-Doh, had a make your own pizza and family game night. That about wrapped up our month of May! It was a busy one, but I LOVE soaking up every moment with my girls. Sometimes I do it gracefully and sometimes I get frustrated in the mundane and the tantrums. But I choose joy. I am SO thankful for my sweet daughters and my wonderful husband. God has blessed me.
Painting in her new book!
Make your own pizza!
The girls LOVED it!
Love Addi's little open mouth.
Making pizza!
Chutes and Ladders! Makayla won!!
Bring it on, June! You're gonna rock our socks off, too! I know it! :)

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