02 May 2013


Today is my 29th birthday. My last year in my twenties. Age has never been a big deal to me, so I'm really not worried about turning 30 next year.

All day I've been reflecting over the past year and all that it has brought me. We gained a new, precious daughter. I went to Ethiopia four times in my 28th year. My sweet, sweet girls have grown up so much.

I'm a mommy to three girls. I'm a wife to the most amazing husband in the entire world.

I am so, so blessed. I have a tendency to get really down on myself because I don't have enough friends or I'm not as busy as everyone else or I'm not doing as much with my kids as everyone else is doing or whatever the case may be. But you know what? None of that even matters. I shouldn't be down on myself because I'm me and being me is pretty stinking rad!!  I don't have to live in Ethiopia or go somewhere else to change the world...I'm changing the world of three little girls by being their Mommy!! And nothing can ever top that!! Nobody else has the privilege of raising MY daughters. I know your kids are totally rad too, because they're yours. But my kids are mine and I get to raise them up to be women of God!! What an amazing blessing and honor that is!!!

So on this 29th birthday of mine, I am blessed. I am so thankful for all the the Lord has given me. I'm thankful for every experience, good and bad, because it has shaped me in to this mother and wife that I am today.

Tomorrow is Adam's birthday and he'll be 29, too!! I love that we get to share our birthdays so close to each other!! :)


Jessica said...

Love your perspective on age and motherhood! I can tell God is shaping your heart and healing your fears.

I was wondering what you thought of A Mom After God's Own Heart? I read the Woman one and am currenting starting the Wife one. Did you gain a lot of insight on parenting? I love looking at all the books you are reading. :)

Janet said...

Yay for being YOU!

Thank you for being a blessing and an encouragement in my life, Linds.

I heart you for eternity. Literally.