29 April 2013


How has it been over a month since I have posted last? I'm such a slacker.

So April has been pretty busy, but we love busy!!

The first weekend in April, we went to Virginia. Adam went on a fishing trip with his dad, brother and friends. I stayed with the girls in Virginia. We had such a fun time...going out to eat, hanging out at the house and seeing Ashley and Jessi in a pageant. It was a nice bonding time. :) Adam and I also had an awesome time driving there and back with all of our girls. I always get really stressed out when we go on long road trips with the girls, but they always do amazingly well and this time was no exception!

The following Saturday we went to my Dad's for the day and we had a nice, relaxing time. We got to hang out and eat yummy burgers even though it was close to freezing outside! Then Sunday the 14th, we got to see my Aunt and Grandma at my mom's house before they headed to see my cousin in Florida!

The Saturday after that we headed to Columbus to visit our friends, Adam and Ashley, and go to an Ethiopian restaurant called Lalibela. It was awesome and we had such a fun time...even if all of our kids were crazy! :)

This past weekend we stayed close to home and just went grocery shopping and out to eat a few times. We were in need of a relaxing weekend!

My birthday is Thursday and Adam's is Friday. I can't believe we're going to be 29. It just doesn't seem real! I still feel like I'm 18! HAHA! I'm looking forward to getting a new tattoo for my birthday so be on the lookout for that...coming soon!

All in all, that's our April in a nutshell. Makayla went to preschool throughout all those weeks in between our weekends. And the girls have been having their weekly date nights with their Daddy. I don't know if I ever wrote about that, but Adam takes one girl out each week for a little date. The fourth week is MINE. And it just so happens that our 8 year anniversary is next week (May 7th) and it's my date week!! I'm just a little excited. :)

Maybe I'll be back in May for another fun update on our lives!! Until then, peace out bean sprout!

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