18 October 2013

Stuff That Happens.

I kept wanting to sit down and update the bloggy blog the past couple days, but things have been so chaotic and fast moving around here that I just haven't had a chance!

So let's see...Wednesday I finally got to meet my online bestie, Chelsey!! It was awesome and she's even more amazing in real life and on the phone!! I love when that happens. I'm so excited to get to hang out with her more now that we are so close (without traffic...which never happens...but closer than Ohio and Texas!).

I picked Makayla up from school on Wednesday and she had different clothes on and I had no idea what happened because nobody from the school called me or anything. It took me a while to coerce it out of Makayla, but she finally told me that one of her classmates vomited on her and another one of her classmates. :( I felt so bad for all of them! Thankfully, Makayla kept herself together and she was totally fine with it. She's so precious.

Yesterday we had to take Adam's rental car back to the airport because he bought a new (used) car here. We've been rotating cars for a while now. We traded in my Honda Civic when we got my Odyssey almost a year ago. Then Adam sold the Pilot (We're Honda people. Also, we are Apple people, but that's a post for another day.) and bought a junker...that we then sold right before moving to Texas. So anyway, Adam needed a car...obviously. And guess what he bought? A Honda Civic! HAHA! We're right back where we started. :) So yeah, back to my story. We went to dinner last night and then I followed Adam to the airport with the girls in my rental van. All the girls fell asleep in the car on the way home, which is beyond adorable!!

Then when we got home, Makayla asked for Mommy and Daddy to put her to bed. I asked her to go to her room and wait for us and then when Adam and I were done getting her sisters settled in bed, we went to her room and she was fast asleep sucking her thumb. So sweet!

Today I got my van which is kind of a yay. My rental van has automatic doors, so I'm totally going to miss that!

Also, here's the BIGGEST thing that's happened this week....WE SOLD OUR HOUSE TODAY!!! After some negotiating, the buyer and us agreed on a great price! I'll share more details later, but we are set to close in late November!!! I am SO happy to have this weight off my shoulders! Because for those of you that don't know, we bought a house in California when we lived there three years ago and we still have it...and most likely will for the rest of our lives. Thankfully, we have renters in there, but I just am not in the business of owning homes all over the country, you know?! So it's going to be amazing to just own ONE house again!! We are renting here in Texas and have talked about building sometime or, just recently, possibly buying a house here eventually. I'm all set right now staying in a rental, but some of the houses for sale around here are beautiful and at such good prices!!

We'll see what happens. For now, I'm just SO excited to have sold our house only 18 days after it went on the market!!! That's pretty fantastic if you ask me!! I'm stoked!!

I think that's about it that's been going on. I've pretty much been unpacking all day, e'ery day. But we are still living in a box graveyard. One day, they'll all be gone...and then we'll probably be moving again! HA!

I'm off to hang out with my DVR while Adam gets his nerd on with his new pals, DnD style. It's just how we roll.

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