23 October 2013

$95 For A Raw Chicken?!

How is it already Wednesday??

Seriously. I always have high hopes of updating my blog like, every day. And then life happens. And I sort of forget. I did really great last week though, so I'll cut myself some slack.

Saturday we went to the Fort Worth Zoo and it was so much fun! It's a pretty big zoo, but not too big. The girls loved getting to see all the animals and we found a new way to incentivize good behavior! Adam told them they get a certain amount of money each to buy a souvenir when we are finished and when they act up or have a bad attitude, we will take .50¢ from them each time. And it totally worked!! We only had two instances where we had to take money away. They were so well behaved and listened so well which, as you know, just makes like so much more enjoyable, right? After that we went to dinner with one of Adam's old Air Force buddies. We went to Torchy's Tacos. It's kind of my fave. I LOVE their tacos! If you come visit us, we WILL be taking you there!

Sunday we did a Target run. There's a Super Target 15 minutes from our house which is just amazing for me. Probably not so amazing for my bank account, but whatevs. We had to get some things for Makayla's estimation jar at school. Every Friday the kids in her class have to guess the amount of whatever is in the estimation jar and whoever gets the closest gets to bring it home and fill it up with something new. Makayla got the closest number this time! She chose bracelets for her classmates. We also got Addi new shoes! They're Hello Kitty and she LOVES them!!

Monday was boring. As all Mondays are.

Yesterday the babies and I went to Kroger to get our grocery on. We have been going out to eat for almost every meal since we got here. I have never been a big fan of cooking, but to be honest, I think it's the having to come up with new meal ideas and menus for the week and shopping part that I kind of hate. Because I cooked dinner last night and it was super fun and SO yum!! I also have dinner in the Crock Pot for tonight and tomorrow's dinner is marinading in the fridge. And you know what? It was super fun to make it all!!

So I got charged $95 for a chicken while we were there. I texted Adam and asked him if there's anything he wants and he asked me to get him a raw chicken. So I did. And we headed up to the checkout and, as usual, I was trying to keep my children in line and keep one of them from not going off with a stranger and the guy rang all of our food up and the bill was $231. I thought, 'Hmmm, that's kinda high, but I'll go with it. I did get some pretty expensive stuff since I'm trying to eat cleaner.' So I paid and we were on our way.

I stopped to get gas and for some weird reason (I NEVER do this), I looked at the receipt. And the very first item was $95.46 for a whole chicken. I'm totally baffled and wondering if maybe the prices of raw chickens have gone up since I bought one? Which would be never. I just don't understand. So I text Adam a picture of the receipt and he confirms that this is incorrect.

So I have to take the babies back out of the car and then head back into Kroger to get our money back. I have no idea where anything is, but I find the Customer Service desk and I tell her, 'Um hi. I was just here like five seconds ago and I got charged $95 for a chicken?!' And she just starts laughing. So I show her my receipt and she goes to the raw chicken section and discovers that, indeed, I was charged a *bit* too much for this uncooked chicken. She refunds me the money and a few more dollars because I overpaid for two other meats, as well. So our grocery bill was actually $100 LESS. All night last night I kept telling Adam that I saved him $100. HA!

That's the story of how I paid $95 for a raw chicken. You're welcome.

(Also, it should be noted that when I wrote overpaid up above, I totally spelled it overpayed. And I thought I was right until that little red line came up underneath. Classic Linz.)

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Karissa Shaw said...

OMG, that is so funny! Good thing you checked it! I think you deserve to spend that saved money on yourself :)