15 October 2013

Most Likely The Best Day EVER.

I had big plans to unpack like almost every box in my house today. I'm kind of a go getter like that. And I started off the morning pretty awesome. I unpacked six or seven boxes. Yet my house still looks like a cardboard graveyard. Weird. I have no idea how I have so much crap! And every time I open a box, I'm thinking to myself, 'Dude, I could totally have never opened this box and I wouldn't miss any of this crap.' So you know, that's a good sign. I'm literally just unpacking these boxes to get them out of my house.

So yeah, I started the day off pretty rockin'. The babies were playing together really well. Side note: When do I stop calling them babies?! They are both three years old. Actually Kalkidan is closer to 4 than she is to 3. Thoughts for another day, I guess. Annnnnyway, they were playing well. Makayla was at school and then all of a sudden, Addi starts SCREAMING. I mean, she's a crier anyway, so it's really hard for me to take her cries seriously since I feel like that's pretty much all she does all day, but this was different. I knew she was hurt and wasn't just mad about life. She came running into my room, where I was TCBin', and she told me that Kalkidan shut her hand in the door. Obviously she told me that after much coaxing and tons of crying. Her little hand had some purple marks on them, but I made sure that she could move her fingers and that everything was still in working order. It was.

I got some frozen peas since we didn't have ice yet and held them on her hand. Here comes the reason this was the best day EVER...I asked Addison if she wanted to snuggle with me on the couch and she said yes. So we settled in, with her on my lap. I was just expecting to hold her for a few minutes because even though she NEEDS to be held like constantly, she's usually off and running a few minutes later. Well, much to my surprise, she fell asleep on me!!! We took a nap on the couch from 11 something to 2 something and it was magical. Of course, my phone was charging in the kitchen and I couldn't risk ruining the moment, so I have no photo documentation, but it was everything I ever dreamed of.

Lest you think I forgot I had another child in the house, Kalkidan was in her room for disobeying Mommy (NO closing doors for this very reason) and so I called to her to lay down and take a nap. And she did...for the most part. She got up a couple times. But it was a restful day and something I will never forget. It's so special to me because my girls just DO NOT sleep anywhere. They always have to be in their beds all snuggled with their blankies and stuffed animals and plastic dolls. So it was quite a treat and one I definitely didn't want to ruin.

And she woke up happy!! Just in time for us to get Sissy from school!

Also, Adam comes home tonight! I didn't tell you guys, you know for the creepers, but Adam had to go out of town for work Monday night, right after the movers dumped all the cardboard in the universe in our house. It was a bummer, but thankfully it was only one night and he was home before bedtime tonight! Always a blessing.

Annnnnd another reason today was the best day EVER!! Adam set up our DVR!!!! I haven't had a DVR, or cable in fact, for three years. I know, I'm totally deprived. But now I do! I am so DVRing all the things. Everything is at my fingertips! Mwahahahahaha!!! And tomorrow I get to meet one of my online besties, Chelsey! I'm a little excited!! :) Peace out, bean sprouts!

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Jennie Grange said...

Days that are the best day ever is the best! Loved reading about yours! xo