07 November 2012

More News.

Well, I got an email from our agency this morning saying that the embassy is open next week, but they are not doing any adoption visa appointments. What a stinking bummer. So, I'm not going next week like I thought.

Our agency asked what my new three choices are for embassy dates. My first choice is now Monday, November 19th!! Praying that we hear I have that date scheduled in the morning!!!!!!!

I am SO ready to get my sweet Kalkidan and bring her home forever. She has been waiting for far too long. And I am SO close. :)

One good thing about being forced to wait another week is that I have more time to get my to-do list finished. Though it seems to keep growing by the minute instead of getting shorter! I bought a small bookshelf for the girls' room today, so that's one thing checked off....just gotta put it together now!

Please be praying for us tonight and that we will hear in the morning that I can leave next weekend to go get our girl!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Well it's a bummer that you have to wait longer than you wanted to but maybe this is good. You mentioned a to-do list so maybe you can get things done earlier and then have some time to relax and think. :)