12 June 2012


I got back to the United States on Sunday.

I have so much to process. So many things are going through my mind right now.

So much happened on our trip.

It was incredible and it was definitely a life-changing experience.

I feel very unsettled here. Things are not right.

It feels so weird. There are no people lining the streets. I have to wear a seatbelt. There is air conditioning. It's too hot here. There are no goats or donkeys or sheep or cows blocking the road. No cute babies to look at. There are no little African children wanting my attention.

I miss the smell of diesel. I miss my friends.

I was made for Africa.


Erica said...

I just saw your referral email on awaa group. Congrats! How amazing to meet her while you were there. I am leaving for Ethiopia in a few hours on a mission trip and was excited to see you just got back

Deanna and Derek said...

My name is Deanna from NC. I came across your blog through Crystal with the Canvas Heart store. I was reading through your blog and came to this post. I know where you are coming from with this post. My husband and I got back from Ethiopia April 31, 2012. My heart is still there and I would live there if my husband had that calling as well. I miss the little brown faces coming towards you in all directions. I miss the smells, the food, the friends we made, the animals walking freely, and seeing people all over the place. Even though we have been home over a month, I still feel out of place back here at home...I feel like Africa is my home and just want to be back there.

Once you go the Africa your life is changed forever. People continue to tell me that eventually I will forget about our trip and the people we met...isn't happening. I think about Africa every day. Anyone who has been to a country like Ethiopia knows how we feel and understands what we are going through. You aren't alone!

We are going back in March of next year and I am counting down the time. You and your family bring me hope that one day my husband and I will have kids from Ethiopia. Thanks for sharing your stories. I hope you hear something soon on your adoption.

You can visit our blog to see a little more about our adventure @ doitfortheorphans.blogspot.com

Sleeping Beauty said...

Chills. I feel ya babe. I feel ya.