31 May 2012

15 Hours!!

I am literally leaving for Ethiopia in 15 hours!!!!

My bags are all packed and anything I don't have in there, I will live without. I've gone over my packing list thousands of times and seriously, if it isn't in there...I probably don't need it.

Please pray for the team and our entire trip. Pray that all of our bags make it there and that nothing gets stolen out of them. Pray that we glorify Christ in every thing we do while we are there. Pray that we hear and see Jesus like never before. Pray that we have patience during the waiting times.

Please just pray for us. I am SO excited about this trip, but I am also really nervous!! I've been a crying mess all day today because I really don't know how I'm going to handle being away from my girls for 10 days. They will be in good hands while I'm gone, this I know. Please pray for them and that things will go smoothly here at home while I'm away.

I am a bundle of emotions right now...mostly excited, a little bit nervous (but only about the flight and the bag situation) and slightly anxious. I really don't know how to put into words what I'm feeling right now. There is this constant flutter in my stomach...it's excitement for the unexpected and a good type of anxious feeling. I can't wait to set foot on Ethiopian soil!!!!

This is really happening!!!!!!! :D

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Colin and Jess said...

We'll be praying for you and the others with you...and all the hearts you will touch!