14 May 2012

Seven Months DTE!!

Guest blogger: Adam

It's hard to believe it, but our dossier has been in country for seven months today.  The time seems to take forever, but at the same time fly by.  I love remembering our DTE and celebrating each month milestone because it helps ground my mind in the massive depth of this adoption process.

Depth in the amount of time, yes.  But the depth I'm speaking of is a depth of yearning for our little one.  Much like a pregnancy, in adoption it seems the mother more naturally dwells on the coming baby, whereas the father is somewhat disconnected, aloof.  Sometimes I go a day or two and barely think on our adoption, but I know Lindsey's mind thinks on it every .002 seconds.  It takes reminders like our DTE day to conjure up the same yearning and emotion in me that Lindsey has constantly.

Another gentle reminder is when Makayla brings up our 'Ethiopia Baby'.  Few things soften my heart like hearing her love for a baby she hasn't met, but is willing to welcome into the brood.  And those moments get me to thinking about the lack of completion I feel in our family while we wait.  ET baby, come home already, ok?


Colin and Jess said...

Great post, Adam. You are exactly right about men vs. women in the adoption process. Your Ethiopia baby will be with you soon.

Amanda said...

Love to hear a post from a dad!!!!! I think it often appears like the mom is the one advocating for the adoption and the dad is just along for the ride (even though that is never the case--you cant just "be along" for this ride), but readers only usually hear the thoughts of the mamas.
Great thoughts! I think you have a phenominal wife, and I am so looking forward to meeting her just 2 weeks!!! yahh!! :) Hopefully, you guys will be receiving a referral sooner than you expect! :)