17 May 2012

Cleveland Indians!!

So today we went to see a Cleveland Indians game!! Adam got four FREE tickets from work, so obviously we HAD to go. It was SO MUCH FUN!!! My mom came with us since Addison was free (under 2) and it was just awesome. Totally, totally awesome.

Here's Addi before we left...complete with Oakland A's baseball hat and fake ice cream cone.
First of all, we got there right as the game was starting, so perfect timing!! Then we're heading to our seats and we realize that we are SUPER close to the field!! We were nine rows away from first base!!! It was AWESOME!!!!
Check out how close we were!! This is from our seats and with NO zoom. RAD.
Totally stoked to be so close! 
Gosh, I love these people. :)
 Then we got a free tote bag that some dude threw at us. Super fun. :) Makayla and Addison totally clapped every single time the fans cheered and clapped. It was so cute and they are total naturals at cheering for teams!!

We got some nachos and cheese, fries and cheese, cotton candy and sausage sandwiches...totally worth all the heartburn and stomach aches we were feeling later! HAHA!

Awesome view!!!
The very best part about being there?

We were on the Giant Screen!!!!!! You know when they zoom in on people and then they look all dense because they don't know they're going to be on the huge screen? Well that was us!!! Adam and I saw him and Addison on there at first and my first thought was, 'Who is that cute baby?' and then I realized it was my cute baby!!! Then I got in and Makayla jumped in, too! They were on us for quite a while and it was SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!! I've never had something like that happen and believe it or not, I've been to quite a few games!!! It was super rad and I'm sad I didn't get a picture of us up there, but the memory of it will never go away. It was so much fun! Our fifteen seconds of fame! HAHAHA!!

We were on there!!!!!!!
Makayla loved it!!
Addi getting into trouble, as usual. ;)
Love this view!!
SO close!
This is from up top when we were leaving. Totally awesome!!

Sadly we had to leave at the bottom of the 10th inning because Addi was getting grumptastic. She did SO well without a nap for the whole day, though! The Indians ended up beating the Mariners at the bottom of the 11th inning! I'm sad we missed them winning because I bet the crowd went wild!!! But, at least they won and we had an awesome day together.

I got crazy sunburned, but it was worth it. Next time I'll probably wear sunscreen, though. Thankfully, my amazing husband remembered to put it on our girls, though. It was a little late, so Addi's left arm got a teeny sunburn on it, but I'm sure she'll be okay. :)

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Sarabeth said...

Sounds like a fun day! I like the word 'grumptastic,' might have to start using it :)