21 May 2012

Request Change!!

I just got off the phone with our Family Coordinator at America World and we just changed our request from 0-24 months to 0-2 years!!

I know that isn't a huge jump, but this means that our child could be closer to 3 years old than 2 years old, whereas before our cutoff was 2 years old, period.

We are so excited about our new change and praying that our referral comes quickly!!!

Last night I was writing in my journal and I wrote that I think Addison is supposed to be our baby of the family...at least for a little while. I don't know how long and I don't even know if our child will be closer to 3 or older than Addison, but it's a possibility. And one we are totally excited about!!!! :)

So there you have it! Ethiopia Baby, we are waiting for you!!! <3


jillcarpenter said...

thats great!

Colin and Jess said...

God has big things in store for you, I just know it!! I can't wait to see who your Ethiopia baby is. And, hopefully, SOON!

Sleeping Beauty said...

Awesome sister! I cannot wait to see/meet your new baber whenever she/he comes home. Also can't wait to meet Addi in the flesh one of these days and to laugh with you like days of old. Praying daily for your upcoming trip. Squeal.