10 May 2012

Last Week!

Last week was crazy busy! I let my life get the best of me and I totally forgot to blog about it. Instead I just enjoyed it! :)

Addison had her first ever popsicle on May 1st. She totally loved it.

Last Wednesday, I turned 28 years old! I know, I can't believe it either. My day was wonderful. I went to bed on May 1st reading the sweetest text message from my mom and then woke up to awesome texts from my family and countless birthday wishes on Facebook!

The girls and I went to lunch with my mom...Fiesta Jalapeno's. YUM. She got me some pretty fabulous stuff from Delicate Fortress, which I am in love with!! :) I left Makayla at my mom's and took Addison to the doctor because she's been falling lately while walking. There's nothing in her way and she doesn't trip on anything. So weird. Anyway, I took her to the doctor to see if she had an ear infection or something and that would affect her balance. He checked her ears, saw a bunch of wax, took the wax out and in the process, nicked both of her ear drums. I know, right? Not cool. She was SCREAMING so I knew it was bad. He said she'd be fine, but there might be some blood coming out of her ear later. Way to freak a Mama out!

So long story short, she's fine. She hasn't tripped since we took her to the doctor. Which sounds very much like when she wasn't walking and we took her to an orthopedic surgeon and she started walking the next day. This child. ;) There was a lot of blood in her ear the next day, but like I said, she's fine now.

After that, we headed home for nap time since my precious girl was exhausted. She napped and I'm sure I watched some tv show and waited for Adam to get home. We went to Olive Garden for dinner and Addison hated life. I don't blame her, though. We got through it (somehow!) and headed home for bed time. A pretty great birthday...except for my baby girl getting her ear drums nicked. :(

Last Thursday was Adam's 28th birthday! We're a day apart...pretty sweet, huh? :) Makayla had a Mother's Day Tea at her school, too. So Addi and I went there. It was pretty cute. They sang two songs that they made up and then we had some snacks. We met Adam at Pizza Hut by his work for lunch and had a fun time. After that, we came home for nap time and then we went to Old Carolina for dinner with my mom and stepdad. It was really fun, though Addison was still hating life, which makes it difficult to take her anywhere. :) And that was that!
Whenever we pick Makayla up from school, Addison runs into the classroom and they are SO happy to see each other!! They hug and I was trying to catch it, but the kids were all lined up so it didn't work out. :) 
Her flower cookie.
This is what Addi does when I take pictures of her now. I think she's trying to fit herself into the shot. ;)
Not the greatest picture of any of us, but it's me and my girls.
Makayla with her precious little card and coaster that she made me. <3
Friday we stayed home because we already spent enough money this week!! HA!

Saturday we went to Empress Taytu with Adam's mom, stepdad and little brother. It was amazing, as usual!! This is only the second time we have ever been there and the third time we have had Ethiopian food and I think it gets better every time!!! We had great conversation and then met a sweet Ethiopian princess named Sofie. Her little face was painted up from something that was going on in Cleveland. She was so precious! I was coming out of the bathroom and she was going in and asked me if anyone else was in there. I told her no and she said, 'I want to go look in the mirror and see my face.' I told her she looks beautiful and she said, 'Mmmhmmm.' BAHAHAHA!! The girls both loved her and little Sofie even came over to say hi to the girls. It was super precious.
Before we left for Empress Taytu.
Daddy and his girls before dinner.
Take one at a family photo...
Take two...
And take three...the best we're gonna get, I think! ;)
Sunday we stayed home because our week has been crazy busy! And then Monday was our anniversary...


Kristen said...

You look so pretty in those last few photos!! I love your hair.

Sleeping Beauty said...

First of all, your hair is getting long and I love it. Second, Makayla is so grown up! She is too precious for words. Third, Addison is adorable, especially with the popsicle face. Fourth, you are rocking your dress lady! <3