27 May 2012

Ice Cream Time!

I was having a slight panic attack about my upcoming mission trip that is happening in FIVE DAYS!!! I found out that someone that recently went to Ethiopia had some of her stuff stolen out of her luggage. So that had me freaking out for a good part of the day today. :/

But my team leader saved the day and talked me down from my crazy. Love her!! I'm back in Sanityville now and will be taking a carry-on with most of my clothes and toiletries and then a backpack with my fun stuff...laptop, Kindle, etc. :)

So the girls and I went out for some ice cream today after dinner since Adam was at Chipotle and Janelle just left this afternoon to go back to Maryland. We were lonely and needed a pick me up. :)

This little girl is a riot!! Love her.
And this treasure is such a beauty, inside and out. Love her.
These gorgeous girls have my heart. I will treasure this picture for years to come!!
Addison kept backing up to her sister when I told them to stand by each other for a picture. :)
This is what she does when I try to take a picture. :)
Big Sister had to copy. :)
Enjoying her very first ice cream cone!!!
I'd say she loves it. :)
This girl!! She is so amazing!!

Makayla said, "I want an ice cream beard!" HAHA!
She got really sad when it started dripping on the driveway. Poor girl.
But we cleaned her up and she's happy again!!!
Makayla was trying to get her sister to look at the camera for the picture. HA!
Such a sweet little cheeser!
Just enjoying life...
Then this happened... :(
And then this happened. Yep, that's Makayla giving her cone to Addison. I am so thankful that I captured this. What a precious sight. No coaxing from Mommy or anything. Just the pure instincts of her heart to give her little sister her cone when she dropped hers on the driveway. Such a compassionate and loving little girl. I am so proud.

I also got prayed for by some fabulous people at our church. This was the first time anyone has laid hands on me for prayer. They prayed for my mission trip and it was such a huge blessing to know how much people care. And guess what? The pastor knew my name! The last church we attended for almost a year, the pastor didn't know what my name was, so this was a nice surprise. It's nice to know that people will be praying for me while I'm gone.

I literally leave in 5 days!!! Less than that now since it's so late here, but oh my gosh...


I am so excited to have the opportunity to be going on a mission trip to a country that I dearly love. I've been praying my heart out this week and sharing all my anxieties with Jesus and praying that He would calm my heart. The only thing I'm really anxious about right now is not getting all of my stuff when we arrive in Ethiopia...or someone stealing something from my bag. But, I've been talking it out with God. And that ice cream helped a little bit, too. :)


Khris and Michelle said...

Gosh! Those girls sure have grown since I last saw them (=

Praying for your trip Lndsey... and I'll pray for all your luggage and their contents to make it in-country safely! Love ya!

Sarabeth said...

These ice cream pictures are adorable! I hope your time in Ethiopia was blessed, continued prayers for you.