07 April 2012

One Year.

Today marks one year of us being accepted into the America World Ethiopia Program!! Pretty awesome, right!

And in that one year, we have raised almost $24,000!!! It just amazes me how God has used this past year. He has stretched me more than I ever thought possible. He has opened my eyes to a whole new part of the world that I knew nothing about before. He has shown me what my true purpose in life is. He has brought so many people along on our journey this past year.

Now believe me when I say that this past year has not been all sunshine and rainbows. I distinctly remember crying out to God in the car, asking Him where this impossible amount of money was going to come from. I had no clue. I freaked out at nearly every possible turn. I asked Him why our letters that we sent out to everyone we know got one donation back. I begged for Him to bring people to us that care and that know what we are going through. And He did. Oh, did He ever.

My faith has grown exponentially in this one year. I was definitely lacking at (many, many) times, but He never failed me. Not once. Somehow, the money has always been there when we've needed it. And as you all know, we are fully funded through our referral fee already, so if it comes tomorrow (it won't), we can pay for it and not have to say no to a precious child. How amazing is that?! And He's still working!!

My mission trip was fully funded in a little over a month!! That's on top of all the money that we have raised for our adoption!!! It just blows me away!!!! He is SO faithful. Also, I got a fun little package from Visiting Orphans today, too. I think it's pretty neat that I got it on the same day that we have been in the adoption process for one year. Some pretty fabulous books and a t-shirt for our trip. I can't wait!

Since April 4th, we've been fundraising with Delicate Fortress and I got our first update for the week yesterday. Do you know how much we raised for our adoption in just two days? $168!!!! Yeah, in two days! Isn't that awesome?! I'll get our next update on Monday and my goal for this fundraiser was $200 and I'm hoping God exceeds that. He has blown our socks off before...no doubt He'll do it again. :)

This year has been one of insane growth. Growing closer to Jesus. Clinging to Him at every turn. Praising Him with every single donation. None of them are overlooked and every single one gets us closer to our baby. Honestly I have no idea where all this money has come from. I really don't. Thankfully, I do have it all written down. And God knew when we started this journey that we would be here today. One year later, waiting for almost six months and about $7,000 away from being fully funded for our entire adoption.

How's that for amazing?! To Him be all the Glory.

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Elizabeth said...

What a great post!!! It is amazing to think what one year has held!!