08 April 2012


Happy Easter, everyone!! Christ is Risen!!!

We had a pretty great day today. We got the girls ready to go and headed to my MIL's church for a wonderful church service. Then we had lunch at Grandma's house. Afterwards, we took the girls outside for a fun little Easter egg hunt! They loved it! It was bit chilly outside, but they still had a blast. :)

We hung out for a little while after that and then headed home. The girls both napped on the drive home, which was really nice. Adam worked on the yard for a bit and then we got ready and headed to Nana's house for dinner!!

It was a very full day, but we are so thankful that we live near family now and can spend the holidays with them.

This Easter Sunday is very special to me this year. I've been reflecting a lot on what Jesus has done for me on the cross and this year, I have seemed to really 'get' it. Yes, I have always known what Easter is about and why we celebrate, but this year, it means so much more to me. Maybe it's because of our adoption and my upcoming mission trip, I don't know. But I am just so very thankful that Jesus took my sins, got nailed to the cross for them and then rose again so that I could have LIFE! How beautiful is that? Praise the Lord!!

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