09 February 2012

Some random thoughts that have burst into my head lately and maybe a couple cute things my kids do, too:

Have you ever tried to explain how to play tic tac toe to a four year old? If you haven't, you should try it sometime. :) It's rather entertaining.

We did this thing at church where you get a baby bottle and fill it with your loose change or a check or whatever you want and then that money gets donated to a local pregnancy center that focuses on helping the mamas keep their babies. Anyway, we were explaining to Makayla what the baby bottle was for and what we were doing with it. We like to keep our kids involved in our ministries and show them that giving back is always our number one priority.

So, we tell her that 'we're giving it to the mommys' and she asks why? and we respond in an age appropriate way with 'to save their babies'. We did go into more detail and explain that most mommys come in and don't want to keep their babies and this money will give them the opportunity to be able to keep their baby alive. Well, after a while of talking about this, she got really excited and wanted to put all the change in the bottle 'for the mommys to save their babies!' It was amazing. I just love watching God work in a little one's precious heart.

Adam made dinner one evening and this happened. Adam said, 'Why don't you girls start migrating over?' for dinner time. And Makayla said, 'Library over?' And then we didn't do anything, so M said, 'Well, I'm gonna start librarying over.' HA!

I just found out M knows the months...in order! January 24th she sang it for me. Eeek! SO COOL.

Last week sometime, M and I were hanging out and I started singing this song by Third Day that we listen to ALL THE TIME in the car. Well, I started singing....and Makayla finished singing it! Perfectly, too! It was so precious! Then today we were in the car and she said, 'Hey! This is the song that I finished!' Gah!!

That's pretty much it. I haven't updated in a while and I figured it was kinda time. :) Also, we are having a spaghetti dinner fundraiser this Saturday to support our adoption and I am so excited about it!! Adam's mom has done basically everything for it and I could not be more thankful to her. She has been such a huge blessing and support in our fundraising. I'm so excited to see what happens on Saturday! Also, if you'd like to buy a dinner for just $7 (you can not go to McDonald's for one day, right?), please click on the yellow 'Donate' button the right of my blog! You will be helping bring a child home and that child will no longer be called an orphan! There is nothing better that you could spend your money on!! :)

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