16 January 2012

Rare Form.

Makayla was in rare form today. Ugh, it was a rough day.

I think we all have 'em, so you can leave your judgement at the door, kthanks.

She was defiant in every sense of the word. Would not listen to anything I said. Didn't ask for anything, just demanded it. It was a difficult day. Not to mention that I was tired from staying up a bit too late last night. Those things just don't mix.

Somehow we got through the day. Somehow we made it until Daddy got home. And then I bolted. HAHA! Not really. I made dinner first. Then I left. :) I have a standing Monday night date with my mom to watch The Bachelor! And tonight was Drama City!

I also made a new camera strap cover today. It's gorgeous. No seriously. I still have to take pictures of it, but they'll be posted soon! I'm so in love with it!

Next on my list this week is to finish my styrofoam Christmas trees (I know, it's January! Next year...) and make my sewing machine cover. I'm excited!

So here's to a new day tomorrow. Makayla has preschool and I'm learning that those two days a week two hour breaks are definitely in order for her and I. She loves getting out and doing something and I love spending time with just Addison. It's much needed for both of us. We always come back together refreshed and renewed.

We've got a busy week this week. Something going on every day (except today) which is also rare! HA! I like busy weeks. It makes the time pass quicker and the weekends come faster!

Since we all love photos, here are two from a few days ago.

She was dancing. :)

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