14 January 2012

3 Months!!

We have been DTE for 3 months today!!!! I'm so happy that we've been on the list for that long already. And there's no better way that I wanted to spend our 3 month DTE-versary than with some fabulous adoption friends! Our friends, Elyn and Jon (and their girls), came over to our place to spend the day with us today. They live about 2 1/2 hours from us and I'm SO happy they made the trek out to see us!!

We had an amazing time just getting to know each other and eating Adam's chili for lunch. The girls all played together really well and had a blast. I'm so thankful for our little adoption community and the effort that our friends make to get to know us better. I only wish we lived closer to everyone!!

In other news, I've decided I'm going to join Facebook again. I know, I know, I just deleted it. BUT, after I deleted it and thought over my decision, I realized that that is how I connect with all my adoption peeps! I don't get to see any adorable Ethiopian faces anymore and hear what everyone is up to, so I'm getting back in there. I'll just be staying away from the drama. And please, if you don't agree with our adoption, delete me ASAP, k? Because I don't want to be 'friends' with people that aren't down with what we're down with.


Abe and Joni said...

I would love to be facebook friends! It's how I connect with adoption buddies too. We're with Bethany Christian services and have been DTE for 4 months and it'd be great to have more friends to wait with! I'm Joni Brandyberry on Facebook.

The Annessa Family said...

Can't lie...was super excited when I saw you back on facebook!