04 January 2012

Other Crafts.

A couple weeks ago (before Christmas), I went crazy with the craft making, too. I was determined to make this super awesome, fabulous bracelet that I found on Pinterest. And also a couple scarves. So, I actually made two bracelets, but I gave one as a gift and forgot to take a picture of it! My bust. I also made a yarn wreath a couple weeks before that. Man, I've been crazy crafting and not posting anything on here!

Here are some photos of my super crafts:

My bracelet. It took FOREVER and is very tedious. I don't recommend, though I do love how it looks!

The button closure!

The second scarf I made...unwrapped.
And wrapped! I like it better this way. :)
Here's my yarn wreath with felt flowers hanging in craft room. I love!

And scarf numero uno! This was pretty tedious to make, too, but oh so totally worth it.
So there you have it! Some of my awesome craft stuff. I'm hoping this year will bring more awesome crafts that I can post. Although, I don't do tutorials because I get my stuff off the interwebz, so I'm sure you can find it somewhere else! Like, um, my Pinterest. :)


The Annessa Family said...

Nice crafting girl!


Our journey said...

Hi Lindsey! Sorry I'm so delayed in commenting back to you about Chick fil a! I was trying to find you on fb to message you, and then read further down and saw that's no more! You go girl! Anyway, about Chick fil a, we just went in and talked with the manager, they gave us a packet of paperwork and then they'll tell you guys a date that works :) Hope that helps, good luck!! <3 xoxo