04 January 2012

Crafty Time!

Well, one of my resolutions was to make a craft a week. I've already exceeded that this week! Go me!! :)

Yesterday I made Makayla's Tinkerbell tutu...well, I finished it. I started it weeks ago and just never felt like finishing it, but since her birthday party is Saturday, I figured I should probably get it done!

Today, I made these canvases for Makayla's room. Since we gave her a big girl bed for her birthday, I've been wanting to make some art to go on this huge wall in her room that's totally blank. And I figured it out! I got the idea from Pinterest (of course). And I borrowed the hole punch things from my dear friend, Sheila. I'm in love! Okay, so here's how I did it....take different size hole puncher outer things and punch tons and tons and tons of hole out of....paint chips!! Yes, I went to Wal-Mart and grabbed all these paint chips. Glue the little ones onto the big ones and then randomly put them all over your canvas! You could use card stock, too, but that stuff's expensive and paint chips are, well, free.

I think she likes them! :)
My awesome friend, Korinne, who lives in Japan sent us a super rad package of Japanesey stuff...almonds and fish (my brother ate those!), fun little Japanese candies and lots of chopsticks! I know she intended for us to use these to eat with, but I wanted to look at them all the time, so I made something to hang on the walls! :) It's a Ball jar lid that I covered in fabric and then glued the chopsticks on the back. I know it looks kind of barren and they aren't all straight, but I think it came out pretty neat looking. I'm going to hang it in Makayla's room or the play room...I haven't decided yet.

Close up!
 And I also made today....another crayon thingy! My sister-in-law wanted one for her room, so I gave her the one off my wall and made another one. This one went crazy with the splatter, but I think it kind of works. It's back up in the playroom where the old one was.

Whew! I'm tired! Off to finish reading my book and take a shower before the girls get up. Have a lovely day!

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