22 December 2011

December Haps.

Makayla got a booster seat in the car and we switched Addison up to M's old car seat...still rear facing until she's 2, though! We did that on the 18th and they both love it! I can't wait to see our little Ethiopia baby sitting in the middle. :)

Addi started getting all of her molars a few weeks ago and her bottom right molar popped through on the 22nd! I actually felt it on the 20th. She's been such a champ having four teeth come in at the same time. Her top left one is popping through now, too.

Santa came to M's preschool and since we are choosing not to tell our children that Santa is real, she wasn't really a fan of going to sit on his lap, but she did it anyway. After he left, the kids ate their snack and I went over to talk to Makayla and she said, 'See, Mommy? I told you Santa was real!' It was so precious in her innocence. Then, I told her a little bit about how people just dress up like characters. She didn't seem impressed with that and totally thought he was the real deal. We aren't pressing the issue with her. We'll just continue to tell her the truth. :)

Makayla had her first Christmas program at school on the 22nd...their last day of preschool until the New Year. They sang four songs and of course, M didn't sing one word, but she went through the motions and she was the cutest one up there! :)

Makayla is not a fan of the Santa man. 
Clearly, Addison loves Santa and can't wait for him to come down our imaginary chimney.

Addi is still not walking, but started standing alone last week...for about 10 seconds at a time. We're getting there!

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