04 November 2011

Day 4: Being Thankful, Part 2.

Well, I'm just filled with thanksgiving today!! So, I'm doing another thankful post. Because that's how I roll. :)

Here are two more things I am thankful for today: I'm thankful for friendships that can be restored through forgiveness. And I'm thankful for the generosity of people I don't even know! We got another donation in the mail today. And it was mighty generous, coming in at $350!! Adam and I were NOT expecting that today and I cried. Yes, yes I did. I'm just constantly blown away by people's generosity and love towards our adoption!!

So, I don't know the beautiful family that donated to us, but Adam does. And he told me that when this girl found out that we were adopting and she told her husband, her husband didn't say anything. He just went and got the checkbook. That's the love of Christ right there. No questions asked. No explanation needed. They just opened their hearts and their bank account and blessed us beyond measure. So beautiful.

Oh! I also forgot that yesterday we got a donation in the mail and before Adam opened it, I prayed that it was $200 instead of $20. Now don't get me wrong...we are VERY thankful for EVERY donation that we get, NO MATTER the amount. Every single dollar helps. But I also think it helps to pray big. Go big or go home. ;) Well, yesterday it was a $20 donation and we are so very thankful for that awesome sponsor for Adam's run!! But, God still answered my prayer with today's completely unexpected donation. He still answered it. It was a day later than I (selfishly!!) wanted it, but He still answered. He is always faithful. And you know what? Even if we wouldn't have gotten that $350 donation today? He would STILL BE FAITHFUL.

Today is an extra thankful day. :)

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Ashley Ping said...

Soooo... I think we received your $200 prayer! Lol. I was praying about what we should donate for Adam's run, and I got the answer "10%". Just a few days before this we received $100 from a very generous lady at our church, so I figured we would give $10. BUT just then, Adam walks in with a $200 check from a couple in our church, TOTALLY unexpected! So, we received your $200 prayer, and you got $10 more than I thought! LOL. Love you guys!