10 November 2011

Day 10: Being Thankful.

I'm thankful for my precious first born. Makayla is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to my life. And I'm so thankful for her today and every day.

Today I was putting some pictures in this frame and Makayla came in to see what I was doing. She sat down on a pillow and was watching me for a minute and then she goes, 'Look, Mommy.' very seriously and shows me her thumb. And it's bleeding!! I asked her what happened and she didn't know and then it hit me! The piece of glass for the picture frame was sitting right underneath her pillow and she scraped her little thumb against it and had a little cut.

She didn't cry at all. She didn't seem phased, really. But of course I was freaking out. I kept my cool on the outside, especially since she was totally fine, but inside I felt wretched!! How could I let this happen to my precious baby that I never want to get hurt, ever?! Well, like I said, she was totally fine. I had her hold a wet paper towel around it while I ran to get a bandage and some Neosporin. She just kept on watching Tinkerbell and was just fine with it all.

I still felt terrible and then I realized, while putting her bandage on, that it was the only thumb that she sucks! Ugh. She totally said, 'It's okay. I'll just wait until it's all better before I suck it.' She is SO smart and amazing!!

So then I'm scouring the freezer for a popsicle (I know we just had some in here! There's got to be one left, right?!) Well, I finally found one and gave it to her and she said, 'Thanks Mommy! This will make my thumb feel better!'

I totally dig her. She's so cool.

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