08 August 2011

Makayla and Addison Update!

Addison is 13 months old now and she is so cool. She is the funniest, most chill baby ever.

She does the cutest thing where if we say no, she shakes her head no. EVERY time. It's hilarious! And she thinks she's pretty funny. :)

She loves to carry a tube of Orajel around with her. And she gets mad if we take it away from her.

She LOVES her milk. I'm pretty sure she is weaned as of August 6th. But, she might surprise me and need the boob again. We'll see. I'm in no rush. But, she very rarely breastfeeds anymore, if ever. She loves to drink her milk from a sippy cup now, though. And I love it, too!

She has recently started trying to stand up while on us. If me or Adam lay on the floor on our backs, she'll crawl over and grab on and then stand with her feet planted on the ground. It's awesome!!!!

She is also getting really good at standing if we hold her up. She'll get there eventually. She's not pulling up on anything yet, but I'm not worried.

She is still teeny tiny, but she is oh so precious.

She is a very picky eater. Things she likes: yogurt, nutri grain bars, milk, applesauce, sometimes pasta. Things she doesn't like: any fruit or vegetable, sometimes pasta. Yeah, we're pretty limited with our selection of foods to give her. HA!
Makayla is awesome as ever and says THE most hilarious things!

Back in March, she said, 'I don't like z's. I like o's!' HA!

The other day we were getting ready to go somewhere and I asked Makayla to get her tennis Dora shoes on before we left. While we were in the car she said, 'I put my antenna Dora shoes on, Mommy!' Oh man, she kills me!!

She loves giving her sister hugs and kisses. Sometimes she gets too rough, but she's learning.

She loves reading books. If she had it her way, that is all we would do.

She also LOVES using markers to draw. Thankfully, she is a very good listener and she stays at the table with them. :)

She eats pretty much anything we give her. She's always been really good at that, though.

She is starting to boycott napping and I'm getting sad about that. The past few days she has been staying awake in her room playing. But, at least she stays in there and doesn't come out and want to play, right? Still relaxing for everyone. :)

She thinks other kids are the bee's knees. She adores running around with them and playing and she never wants to stop or leave. Makes for interesting exits most of the time. HA!

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