30 August 2011

I'm Not Adopting Because I'm A Perfect Mom.

I copied this post (word for word) from This Is Love Calling. And she says exactly what I'm feeling. It's pretty perfect.

"It's true. I'm not adopting because I'm a perfect mom. I am actually perfectly made by a perfect creator to be imperfect...and in need of a perfect savior. When I'm on the brink of insanity and being asked for the 15th time (before 9am) for a snack (yes, I serve my children breakfast) and it is taking everything in me not to scream "HOW ARE YOU HUNGRY?" but instead gently remind Little man that we JUST ate....I think....who in the world thought I was a good candidate to adopt? Well- I know who. God called me, as imperfect as I am...to be the mother to a motherless child. It's true- I may not have the earthly qualifications to win the next "Mother of the year" award- but I asked God to use ME....just as I am- and let's face it, HE probably knows me best. 

So yes,  I come up with excuses to skip bath night, sometimes  often my children eat waffles for two out of three meals a day, their shoes smell a little "feety", and I really do need to brush that knot out of the back of my son's hair but instead I ignore it because I can't bear to hear him cry when I do.... and I have have to ask their forgiveness when I have wrongly lost patience at the end of a very very very long day....but that's what makes me imperfectly human. I am not adopting because I can handle anymore than anyone else...I know A LOT of people that I deem more capable....more organized....more energetic....and much better at remembering to clean the inside of their microwave. I'm not adopting because I'm the exception...I'm adopting because my heart has been stirred and I'm willing to give my imperfect mothering services and infinite love to one (or two) more..."

Amen. God is using me. I'm not a perfect mom right now, but the Lord has called me to be a mom to a child that doesn't have a mom. How amazing is that? I am beyond happy that He has brought us to this place. There is nowhere I'd rather be.

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