02 June 2011

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork!!!

Well, yet again, another week has gotten away from me. I can't even remember everything we've accomplished in this last week. Happens every time. I should write more stuff down.

Anyway, last Friday we had our first meeting with our home study. We met with the director so she could do the orientation meeting with us. It was really nice to sit down and talk with her. I asked her a few questions about the process, mostly about fingerprints. I'm still kinda confused, but I guess I'll get that figured out on Monday, which is when our BCI and FBI fingerprinting appointments are. Wahoo!! It was great to chat it up with her and she told us some adoption stories and was just really positive, instead of the mostly negative comments we get about people who have adopted. I mean, mostly people have been supportive, but anyone who knows someone who has adopted or whatever, always has an awful story to share.

Saturday, I finished my online adoption training. Man, that was long. It was also very informative and my brain hurt after finishing. HA! I waited and waited and waited for my certificate of completion to come in my email inbox and it never did. So finally, I emailed them today and they sent it out to me. They said they're not sure why it didn't send out immediately, but it did show in their records that it was completed on May 28th. Weird.

Today, I went to get our physical exam forms and our doctor's letters. Mine has been completed since May 24th, but they wanted to keep it at the office so Adam's doctor could look at it and make sure everything was right. So, I go to pick everything up and after I left the office, I sat down to read everything over before leaving. Well, what do ya know? My name was spelled wrong on my letter!! It was spelled with an 'a'!! Gah! So, I went right back in and gave it back to them. Of course, my doctor is out of town until Monday, so now I have to wait until then for it. Not a huge deal, but still annoying. I'm just glad I wasn't already in the car since I had both girls with me!!

I came home and emailed our family coordinator everything else and of course, Adam's physical exam form didn't have what kind of TB test he received circled or our address filled out or the doctor's license number or the doctor's office address!! So I called to see if I could get the license number over the phone. No go. Gotta take that paper back in on Monday, too. Oh well. That's just part of the process. When you rely on other people, things are bound to get screwed up!! It's just part of the process and even though it's stupid annoying, I'm not even mad about it.

I went to take the girls to their pediatrician yesterday to get their TB tests done. We have to go in tomorrow morning to get them checked and get their papers signed. The pediatrician's office has been WAY better and WAY easier to deal with than mine and Adam's doctor's office!! They have been super slow and obviously make a lot of mistakes. I just can't wait to get that letter back and be done with them!!

Let's see....what else...I was really sick yesterday. Thankfully, we had it scheduled that my mom was going to take M for the day and Addison took a 2 1/2 hour nap, so I took a nap. I'm not sure what was wrong with me, but my stomach hurt SO bad and I didn't feel like eating anything. After my nap, I ended up eating some saltines and water and that's it. Totally weird. I'm feeling better today, thanks for asking. :) And I've been going crazy trying to keep all this paperwork in order! I have a little file thingy to keep everything together and I have all of our appointments logged into my computer, but geesh, it gets kinda hectic when this thing has to go to our family coordinator and that thing has to go to our home study agency and these things have to go to both of them! GAH!

Our home study director emailed me over a child abuse clearance form for California that I had to fill out and send to her. Then, she signs it, sends it to me in the mail and then I have to send it to Cali with $15 each. We also have to get one done on Ohio, but I'm hoping they've already started that one since I got a call from Job and Family Services on May 20th, asking what my maiden name was.

Yeah, see how much stuff there is to keep track of?! It's insanity. Thankfully, I'm pretty organized and on top of things. I'll keep on ya til I get what I need from you!! HA!

Both girls are napping, so I'm gonna go read. I'm reading Radical right now. Gotta get it in before the copious amount of adoption books start getting read. Seriously. We have five books we have to read. FIVE. Good thing I love reading!! :D


Heart n Soul said...

How exciting that you finished your online training. All that paperwork is so worth it ... another step closer :)

Heart n Soul said...

Hey..thanks for your comment. If you feel like sharing what is on your heart then please feel free to link up with this weeks linky. Would be nice to share your story. You can find it here - http://heartsoulexchange.blogspot.com/2011/06/inspire-me-watoto.html

Alison said...

Hey Lindsey...go check out my post for today! I think you'll be excited!!! :)