06 June 2011

11 months, 2 weeks.

I just looked at my little blog ticker ^ up there and it really says that Addison is 11 months and 2 weeks old. She's 11 1/2 months old today! That means only 14 days until she's ONE YEAR OLD.

I actually just got done making her birthday party invitations. It's going to be a family only party, so if you don't get invited, that's why. I want to keep it small this year because 1.) she's a year old and won't remember anyway and 2.) we're going to be in the crazy process of moving and I want to keep things as low key as possible. We have a lot going on in the month of June!

Anyway, my baby isn't going to be a baby anymore! How is this happening?! I really wish I could stop time. Addison is just so precious and loving and sweet. She started getting her second tooth (bottom right) on June 2nd. Wahoo! She'll have two teeth on her first birthday! :)

It's insane how fast this year has gone by. Seriously. I remember Makayla's first year of life d.r.a.g.g.e.d. on forEVER. I mean, I loved it and I tried to cherish it, but it's just so darn hard when you have a spirited baby, like my little Miss M. But this year? Oh man, this year has gone by in the blink of an eye. Maybe it's because we were so crazy busy with moving across the country. And then starting the process of adopting. And everything that happened in between, but wow. It's almost over.

Addi is so much fun, though. She crawls everywhere and gets into everything. She puts everything in her mouth. I've started putting clippies in her hair because it's crazy long and she'll yank them out and shove them right in her mouth. So then I yell at her and she laughs and laughs! It's a game for her and if I don't say something to her, she keeps doing it and shoving it in there until I say something. What a goober!

So, 14 more days. 2 weeks. And then she's 1. I'm so not done having babies. I can't be. My heart yearns for more babies in this house. I love it! Now all we have to work on is big sister not being so mean...She loves Addi, but man, that Makayla is a feisty one!

We got our FBI and BCI fingerprints done today. Yipee! Another thing to cross off the list! Also, the doctor's office called today to say that my letter is done, so that's awesome! I was going to go pick it up today, but our fingerprint appointment was at 3:30 and their office closed at 4 and I didn't want to risk missing our appointment. So, I'll go tomorrow morning to get it. And that's another thing to FINALLY cross off the list! We're getting closer and closer every day. Now to just get on that home study...

When we had our home study orientation with our home study director, she said that we had to wait until we had 90% of our home study documents sent in before we could meet with our social worker, which kinda sucks. I finally got our social worker's contact information today and I emailed her to ask if we could get together sooner rather than later. Hoping to hear from her tomorrow!

Also, our house is DONE!!!!!! I know I haven't said much, if anything, about it on here but you know, we've been busy with other stuff, like our adoption. ;) But, we're building a house. And, um, IT'S DONE!!!!! :D I'm totally stoked!! We have THE softest carpet I've ever felt in my life. EVER. EVAR.
Our whole house is amazing. I love it.

Here it is!!! :D 
Downstairs bathroom
Our under mount sink in the kitchen!
Double vanity in the master bathroom!
First family photo in our new house!! :D
Here it is with our driveway and sidewalk done.
Addison is the coolest baby ever. And she's wearing my brother's old onesie, which then became mine and then M's and now Addi's! It's in great condition still, too!!
Silly girl! 
Love that face! 
And this face, too!
I'm totally blessed. <3


MarksMomma said...

Congrats on finishing your house! Won't it be fun to turn it into HOME. :o) Have fun with it!

Jaime And Drew said...

sounds like your moving right along!!!