06 May 2011

Crazy Busy!!

Dude. This paperchase business? Serious stuff, yo. I've been kinda slacking on it because I've been really tired lately and the girls and I were sick for so long. Ugh. But, I have also gotten a lot done, too!

Last night, Adam and I sat down to work on our home study agreement and our child placement paperwork. And then, we hit a wall. The child placement paperwork is WAY extensive. So we had to stop. I talked to our home study director today and got all the answers we needed to continue on. I'm hoping we can get it all taken care of tonight and get it sent out tomorrow, since I'm going to Pennsylvania this weekend and I'd really love to have that sent out before I'm gone for a while.

We also have to get a release of information paper notarized, so we're going to do that today. That's for the home study, too. I'm also hoping to get our Power of Attorney notarized today. We'll see.

So, what else have we been doing? Well, my birthday was Monday. Yay! I'm 27. Adam's birthday was Tuesday. Yay! He's 27. And yes, we're a day apart. Mind boggling, isn't it?? Also, our anniversary is tomorrow. Woohoo!! 6 years, baby!!! And our third kid is on the way!!! :D

We had some great friends over Monday night for cake, after my mom and stepdad came over for dinner. It was awesome.

Tuesday, I made ribs, potatoes and baked beans for Adam's birthday. I also made him a key lime pie!! It was mighty tasty, if I do say so myself. :)

Also, on May 5th, we started a Facebook 'event' for each of our friends to donate $5 to our adoption fund. We have gotten a great response so far and if you're interested, you can check out the event here. Also, you can use our ChipIn box on the right side and donate through there! We've been floored by the generosity of people we don't even know (and by people we do know!!). It has been amazing and the Lord has seriously been blessing this adoption journey!! Woo! Praising Jesus!

I think that's all we've been up to, so far. Tomorrow for our anniversary, we are going to an Ethiopian restaurant and I'm so excited!! I can't wait to try our future child's food. I've heard great thing about Ethiopian food. Should be fun!!


Heart n Soul said...

How fun..an Ethiopian restaurant. Haven't ever heard of that one before. Loving your adoption journey.

Sarabeth said...

Sounds like the Crocketts have very little free time! All worth it, though. I am looking forward to seeing God's hand in your adoption journey-HE is so cool!

Jaime And Drew said...

sounds like you are moving right along. I loved your adoption announcement. My daughter had us watch it 4 times!!! Sorry I have been MIA I leave in 11 days for Ethiopia and we have all be sick (niiice i know :)