25 April 2011


We got the phone calls from our Family Coordinator AND our Social Worker today! And so begins the paperchase...

I don't think I have ever been more excited to do paperwork in my life!! We signed our Dossier Guidelines Agreement and our Family Service Plan and I'll be sending them out tomorrow. I'm so stoked!!

I was on the phone with our FC (Family Coordinator) for 35 minutes talking about what will be in the email she sends me, what our next step is, how to move forward with the home study since we know we'll be moving soon. It was really great. We also changed our age request from 0-12 months to 0-24 months!! Adam and I both feel that Makayla needs to stay the big sister, but Addi will be fine. She already knows what it's like to be the younger sister. We are confident in our decision and hopefully it will help us to get matched with our child a little quicker. ;)

After I was done talking to our FC, I fed Addi and put her to bed. During the last few minutes of feeding her, I heard my phone ring. I just knew it was our SW (Social Worker)!!! And I come out and I'm staring at my phone, waiting for the voicemail to show up and lo and behold, it was her! Well, it's the Director of the AWAA-OH Home Study Office, but close enough! Our orientation meeting will be with her.

I listened to her message and then called her right back. Also, I'm really sick right now (like really, really. I was laid up yesterday for 3.5 hours! Ugh!) and my voice sounds horrid, so I explained to everyone I talked to today that I normally don't sound like this. HA! And each one of them said, 'Oh, bless your heart!' It was the sweetest thing!!

Anyway, I called her back and we talked. I checked the email she sent me. I told her we'll be moving and she said that shouldn't be a problem. We can do most of the stuff now and that should be fine. :) She also told me that our SW is in my hometown! Which is totally rad because that means we won't have to pay mileage for her to come see us. I know it's not much, but every part counts! Unfortunately, for the first visit, we do have to drive to Findlay for the orientation. But, that's only once and I will do whatever it takes!!

This is so exciting and I've kind of been in shock all day. It's really happening!! I also still get kinda weird when I bring up our adoption to people. I feel like it should still be a secret. HAHA! I'm SO glad it's out in the open and I'm SO glad we know what to do next for our dossier!

It is a HUGE amount of stuff, but I'm ready to tackle it! We're starting everything tomorrow. Oh yeah!!

Lord, please bless our journey. Let us watch Your Hands move through this adoption. We know You will bring us through every obstacle. We know You are carrying us and we are so thrilled to be on this road with You. Thank You, Jesus!

But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. -Psalm 13:5

*Side note: The girls and I are crazy sick right now. We found out on Friday that Makayla has croup, so that's awesome. Except that it's not. Then, like I said, I was laid up all afternoon yesterday. Addison has been a wreck yesterday and today. It's 12:30 am right now and she is still not sleeping. Adam and I have been going in there off and on. She won't nurse, but she'll drink water out of her cup. She was nursing earlier today, but she stopped it the other day, too. And I thought it was the end, only for her to wake up in the morning and fervently nurse for 25 minutes. HAHAHA. That's okay, I'm not ready to give it up yet anyway. I am, however, ready to give up this lack of sleeping business and this sickness. Those can go.*

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wow, that's awesome.....yay for the paper chase :)