21 November 2010

New Happenings

Here we go, bullet format:

•I LOVE rockin' out to Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' in the car. Like LOVE, LOVE. I don't think you understand how much I LOVE that song. LOVE.

•Tonight I told Addison and Makayla that we were all going to eat dinner and we happened to be in Addi's room, so M went to where we keep the bibs and grabbed one for Addi and gave it to me. <3

•I left to run to the store tonight and I asked M to give me a kiss and she said 'no', so I said 'okay, I love you', to which she replied, 'I love you, too.' Swoon!

•Why does Ohio have so many freaking signs for the next exit??? On the way home from the store tonight,  I was in the right lane because there was a sign for my exit and I swear I was in that lane for another 4 miles! And I swear I saw at least three signs in between the first one and the actual exit sign. Ugh!

•I am SO behind on my reviews. My heart hasn't been in it this past week. I need to get the ball rolling, especially since Thanksgiving is around the corner and I am not doing any blogging then! I'll have a few posts scheduled during that time, though, don't worry. :)

•Addi loves her oatmeal! Tonight at dinner, I was eating while I was feeding her and if I wasn't giving her bites fast enough, she started trippin'! HA! It was super cute.

•Speaking of how awesome my baby girl is, she has slept from 7pm-4am the last three nights in a row! Holla!!! Okay, one of those nights, she slept until 5am, but DUDE. I heart her.

•We're watching The OC again. It really makes me miss California. I know, I know we JUST moved, but I loved living in California. Even though most of our friends sucked, I still loved it there. Cali will always have a piece of me.

•We went to a new church today. My friend, Sarabeth (shout out!), goes there, so we wanted to check it out. I really liked it. It's a small church, which is not what we're used to, but I know we can be used there, ya know? There's no bassist, so if we do feel lead there, Adam can play bass, which is awesome. We're still going to look around a bit, though. There's a few other churches we want to check out. Another awesome thing about the church is that EVERYONE said hi to us when we walked in. EVERYONE. I've never had that kind of treatment at a church before. It was awesome.

•Makayla said something really cute and funny today and now I can't remember. I hate when that happens. She is so amazing and the things that come out of that child's mouth are hilarious! On the real.

•I'm going to go enjoy some OC with my husband now. I love him and all he does for us. <3

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