18 November 2010

Dear Makayla

Dear Makayla,

I love how much fun you are at this right-before-turning-three stage.

I love how you come up with the funniest sayings like, 'I need to get you panda cookies in there!' or 'I can't. My head's too short to see out the window.'

I love how you can stare at your shadow on our bedroom wall and have conversations with it. You tell her she needs to see her mommy, but she just stays there, all the while you are trying to coax her to go to her mommy.

I love how agreeable you are. If I ask you to do something, even if you don't want to do it, you (most of the time) say, 'Okay!' in the sweetest little voice I have ever heard.

I love how you always want us to sing Mary before you go to bed.

I love how we have a routine for nap time and for bed time and lately you have been reminding us of every step, every step of the way.

I love how you love to dance. 'First, we need to put on our crown, our sparkly boots and our pretty dress. Then wiggle your hips, circle your hands...and what comes next? (with hands out in a questioning manner) Do the mambo! (wild dancing ensues)'

I love how you always want us to play in your room.

I love how you love to read books. You memorize so many of the pages, it astounds me every time. You know what's coming next more than I do. You've practically memorize The Very Hungry Caterpillar and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

I love how you always want to help put the dishes away. The silverware is all you, baby.

I love how you love to sweep the kitchen floor and if you didn't spill all the dirt on the way to the garbage can, you'd actually do a decent job! :)

I love how you always help me with the laundry. The other night I did the laundry after you went to bed and I dropped a few pieces on the floor. I turned to Daddy and said, 'Where's my Kayla?' It was so weird for me to not have you right there, picking up my slack.

I love how much information you soak up daily. You watch Diego and Dora and I swear, you take in every single word they say. I overhear you playing with your toys and talking about kinkajous, emperor penguins, chinchillas, scarlet macaws miss (with) their red, red tummies, baby jaguar, anacondas, red eyed tree frogs and so many more.

I love your zest for life. You are always excited to go and do and see. Today we went to the store with Nana and on the drive there, I'm pretty sure you didn't take a breath you were talking so much. You saw 'another balloon' (water tower) and got so excited to see more animals. You asked me to look for worms with you in the rainforest. You said there are so many trees in the rainforest.

I love your attachment to your particular stuffed animals. You have two doggies, one zebra and a very special owl (that Daddy just brought back from Washington) and they come out of your crib with you every day. Your owl 'came out of her nest, flew to come see me and live miss me!' And now you're her new mommy!

I love how much you love your sister. She means so much to you and it is so precious to me. When she wakes up from a nap, you are right there saying, 'can we go get sister?' And then when we do go get her you say, 'can I give my baby a hug and a kiss?' And yes, you do talk in full sentences now. Like, full full. You are so sweet with her and I love to watch the love take over. You will kiss on her and hug her all throughout the day. Sure, there are times where 'I can't like my sister!' come into play, but overall, you adore her. And she adores you right back.

I love how you are the light of my life. My little world. You have been the most amazing, wonderful and precious little girl I have ever known. You bring me more joy every day than I thought was ever possible. God knew what He was doing with you, my darling princess. And He is so not finished yet.

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Brandi Elam said...

I like reading your letters to your girls. Pure sweetness :)